A Practice in Professional Psychology


Since 1980 Amundson & Associates has provided clinical services to children/youth, adults, couples and families. These services range from consultation, mediation/parental guidance and psychotherapy through formal evaluation and assessment. All work is undertaken by psychologists and performed consistent with generally accepted standards of clinical practice and the licensure requirements and expectations of the College of Alberta Psychologists in particular.

Our patients have come not only from general public, schools, Employee Assistance Programs serving large corporations, and government sectors, but the legal and court systems of Alberta as well. Clinical services provided include but are not limited to:

  • Individual psychotherapy for children, teens and adults.

  • Family and marital therapy

  • High conflict divorce/parenting treatment involving mediation, coordination, and therapy for adults and children involved.

  • Legal/forensic support and supervision with individuals, agencies and organizations, related to standards of practice and licensure in psychology, marriage and family therapy, time efficient models of psychotherapy and forensic practice.

  • Health care and illness focused psychotherapy and evaluation, especially in the area of chronic pain, depression and anxiety.