A Practice in Professional Psychology

Psychology is how to struggle in it. Philosophy is always looking for an exit out of it.
— Dr. Jon Amundson


In Calgary since 1981, Amundson & Associates is a clinical and consulting practice in professional psychology. A designated centre for testing and research, the office has provided guidance for not only psychologists but the legal community and the provincial professional association(s) on practice standards. Professional training and support and publication compliments the tens of thousands of direct patient service hours the office has provided over the past 30 years.



Amundson & Associates is dedicated to the provision of psychological services in an effective, efficient and economical manner. As a professional corporation we are involved not only in direct service to our patient population, but in training and service to the profession. We seek to consistently acheive pre-eminence in the field and serve as a model for the independent practice of psychology regarding Best Practice Standards ("BPS").




Our office is located in Bridgeland. There is free two hour parking in the front of the building and down the street. Register your plate number with the parking meter however the first two hours is free.

Suite 1017 1 Avenue NE

Calgary, Alberta  T2E 9C6

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